Magister William Devereaux Allan

Forever Embracing

The Spirit of Strigoi! 


“I’m an absolute firm believer in one-prime-principle regarding my work. Never, ever, seek out anyone. Instead, trust that those you are meant to help, will in their own time, and in their own way, be moved to seek you out.”


         Magister HP William Devereaux Allan

About me:

Psychic Medium, Ordained High Priest, Paranormal Detective, Spiritual Counselor, Purveyor of Magick and Spirit! 

Over my more than 35 years in service to people far and wide I’ve been fortunate to have gained a diverse background of education and training in the disciplines of philosophy, theology, psychology and counseling and I currently hold four Degrees, two of them in engineering, a second Baccalaureate in Psychology as well as two Graduate Degrees!

I have an accomplished background as a helping professional and I’ve gained many achievements throughout my personal and my professional life including a lifelong journey in the martial arts that has resulted in multiple black belts. 

I am a lifelong practitioner in study and dedicated with many aspects of paganism, witchcraft, and the occult, a lifelong student in the sciences and para-sciences in matters of religion, theology, paganism, and holistic-healing as well as harboring a long held interest in metaphysics, forensics, and in the art of detection.

I’ve been told that my commitment and experience in the matters of the spiritual has over time benefited me with connections with many various segments of various spiritual communities all that served to augment and compliment my other strengths.

Today in my life I continue to strive to help people in as many ways as I possibly can through groups, individually, as a lecturer, as a speaker, as a healer and with my ongoing book project.

One review of my work once stated that:

“WD clearly speaks and writes with a thinker’s passion!”

My main goals in life now include my family and helping people far and wide through my written works, and through organizations and agencies, where I draw upon the totality of my experience to solve those many puzzles of life, spirit, and of the paranormal. I relish in the opportunity to solve problems that are placed before me. To this end I work to pull back the veils of gray that lay before all those fleeting mysteries to all of those potential puzzles of the world, the mind, the spirit, the soul, and throughout all of those mysteries tagged with the mark of the paranormal.


 “‘My moral in life is simple, you treat me good, and I’ll treat you better!”

– Andreas Bathory –