“Never once in my life has anyone ever referred to me as, "an ordinary sort of person!" This is a fact that I'm incredibly proud of! ”

– Rev. WD Allan MA, CAGS.


Rev. WD Allan MA, CAGS. Psychic and Medium, Ordained Reverend and Minister, Paranormal Detective, Spiritual Counselor, Teacher, Healer, Philosopher of the Spirit and a Master Assayer of the Soul!

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I have a lengthy background in a practical study with the occult, the sciences and para-sciences in matters of religion, theology, paganism, and holistic-healing as well as a long held interest in metaphysics and the art of detection! I've been told that my commitment and experience in the matters of the spiritual has over time benefited me with connections with many various segments of various spiritual communities all that served to augment and compliment my other strengths...

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Dare to BE!

The Ascent to Avalon is a journey down that magical pathway leading to the unveiling of your soul! Along the course of the journey through this work, you will unfold and reveal every aspect of yourself that powers the ultimate source of your greatest strengths, it allows a glimpse into those areas of yourself that possibly require growth, but most of all it will spark that living magic within you and finally make it real and true in your life!

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