The Spell!

The Spell!

Before setting out upon the order of casting a “Spell”; we might do ourselves a favor by simply asking ourselves… Is it right? Is it just? Is it true?

If so, then let the “spirit” of our Magick, move on too!

Just what “IS” the meaning and the mover behind our path of Magick? What is the cause and the hope that marks our way into this realm? What is the basis for our calling to and for the spirits, to and for the Gods and the Goddess, asking them to rise to our presence and to acknowledge and to bless our divination? Just what is it that we seek to serve, and what is it that we are asking to be of service to and for us?

Most of all,…. “Why?”

Does any of this have an impact upon the powers and the effects that we seek to move throughout our incantation(s) and of that which we plea to answer our call?

In truth, questions such as these, such self-searching that lurks underneath all that we seek through our Magickal expressions do have a direct bearing upon the power and the strength, and upon the bare focus of all of our intents. Those obvious, and those remaining so much more, veiled. For it’s in our root “intent” beyond all else, that is the core of what will emerge for us in the end!

Just what is it that we seek to gain in our Magick? What is it that we seek to enhance, to enchant of our spirit, in those our expressions of creation?

One thing to always remember!

Success, either in Magick, or in any other sort of the business of life in the end isn’t a quantity as much as we might like to convince ourselves otherwise. True success is a quality to be appreciated and revered for its overall global impact upon ourselves, individually, and upon the rest of the world that we choose to make ours and live in. The success and perhaps the immediate failure of what we seek to gain and perform through our art might just be an ordained instance as it be-comes for a very good reason! This frequently beyond our immediate perception and our immediate understanding. It’s within such times when patience can and does provide incredible perceptive benefits to the path, and to the artistry of Magick.

Beyond all else, the core reasoning that will always serve despite any rationale we might convince of ourselves is that; as we seek to cast a spell, what we are also doing is acting to impact our own soul and the tone of our own spirit. This is why I ask the triune questions for all spell-making at the head of this article:

Is it right? Is it just? Is it true?

Cast veiled in dark or shone by light. Shadowed of image, of spirit, in twilight. Shining in brilliance, under sun sow its glare. Laid black as the night, with the moon full in flair.

Spell-casting is a very serious business, and it’s not a path to be set upon lightly. When we invoke and call upon the powers of the Gods, the Spirits of the ancestors, and the powers of creation to act upon itself in our preferred favor, we are not simply testing of creations core mettle. What we are doing is asking creation to shift of itself for us! We are asking creation to change and re-weave its tapestry for us, to adapt the passage of the stars, of the moon and the sun, and to affect and bring “e-ffect” upon both self and others. Just take a moment to absorb what this really means, and then perhaps its awesome responsibility might begin to be revealed. It’s not a game of chance or Chinese checkers!

When we seek the alignment and the blessings of the Gods to circumvent already established shades of creation, we are marking-out separated and a disparate path’s of and before ourselves.

The littlest thing that’s frequently overlooked by many is this. Above all else, spell-casting is a very serious responsibility. When we cast and open doors and gateways, when we re-channel rivers of intent, adapt creation, and set the die of the energy of life and limb for and against others and of the world, we are taking the responsibility for creation unto ourselves!

Even back in ages though not quite as old as ours, in various other forms of faith and belief; the core of all forms of prayer are thought of as being a serious responsibility, and never something to be practiced lightly.

The same is and should always remain true of the Witches Circle, whether in number or cast in absolute solitude. The casting of a spell is a serious concern because it seeks to alter creation through the conviction of the spirit. It is asking creation, the Gods and Goddesses, and the entire universe to take notice of and to make its preference to our own power over its presence and its presentation! When we think about it, the meaning behind it all can be a little overwhelming, and this is as it should be!

When the practitioner, or when any circle of practitioners moves among the realm of the Gods, most wise and sound souls understand that, as we do, we also do so with the highest and the greatest levels of respect and adherence to the word:


Every time we set our hands upon a spirit board, there are and will be consequences. The uninitiated always and eventually learn this one way or the other, and sometimes the hard way! Vast repercussions have been the results more times than I or any other experienced practitioner could ever recount!

Every time we invoke of the Gods and the Spirits to move in our favor, there ARE and will be consequences.

Every sound and syllable we utter in a spell that is cast, carries an impact. Sometimes much more profound than we might care to immediately consider. Upon the focus of our intent(s). Upon the recipients of that which we desire. Upon ourselves.

The age-old saying is very true. “Be careful what you wish for, you just might get it!”

In the end, despite so many forms of sly and shady inquisition-like-minded blindfolds that move among us in the world, the truth is that it doesn’t really matter the color or tone of the spell and the form of the Magick that is being practiced. For dark magick can in the end carry bright and brilliant effects, and the most illuminated forms of spell-casting can sometimes carry the most-dire and upheaval effects regardless of their immediate set and desire.

The basic premise to always move with in spell-casting really is simple.

To what do you serve? Why do you serve what it is you serve? Lastly, but not least: To what and why do you seek what it is that you seek?

From there, you, we all, may be reliably certain that the rest will unfold and in most cases, with a bit of good judgment and a little bit of care on the part of your conscience; you will find yourself well fitted to the task of seeking the path of sound spirits, sound Gods, and sound Magick!

Blessings to us all in this Samhain Season and all the year through!

Reverend HP WD Allan

© Copyright 2016

WD Allan

All Rights Reserved

*****May be reprinted and dispersed with appropriate credit!*****


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