The Spectra of Darkness, Light, and Gray!

The Spectra of Darkness, Light, and Gray!

Those wise in any community of souls, be they pagan or empirical postulates, of witchcraft, spirited gainful, or more conventionally religious rite, all in some way eventually gain from the following core understanding of existence and spirit.

We would be wise in not bashing the white-lighter bearers around us all. For they serve to remind us that there is indeed an absolute purity to the fabric of creation. One that creates, affects, and influences a true order to all things. The same is the case for the dark-walkers of the world. For the same grand symmetry in the order of creation applies to that and those who embrace and fear not the same level of purity, power, and strength availed through the veil of darkness that spans throughout all of creation. It is these souls who remind everyone else that it was from absolute darkness that all of creation itself sprang, and to which the forces of the light will always embrace as its eternal medium and ally throughout all the universe!

Those who seem rather veiled and set apart from the rest of these are the grays. The grey-walkers who shimmer on the edges of both and throughout all. Availed of both and each, and always touching the edges on the tides of the forces of the entirety of creation, the grays are always congregate to the nature and the power of all.

Joined in union; the representative forces of light, of darkness, and of the spectra of the remaining along with that of the gray, all of creation itself is thus aligned. The results are not simply a cooperative journey of ideals and ideas; but rather an absolute force of strength and spirit reckonable to that of the sources of creation.

Problems always begin when any-one in any of the spectrum throughout the all of these would try and dispel or to deny any part of any of the other, when a real and true imbalance can then begin to occur. The resulting effects are thus some form of a vacuum of spirit, of a chaos of ideals, of the very core nature to the constructs of the total nature of the spirit of existence.

Iconic figures like Laurie Cabot as well as many others in her class have over their years attempted great strides at trying to impart the understanding that: “We are all a balance of the whole”. As any one of us may feel allied with, and to, prefer of, and/or feel drawn to any one particular aspect of any of these for our purposes and reasons; we would also be wise in always remembering that we are all construct and formed as a totality of all of these in our existence!

We are ALL Dark, Light, and Gray! While most touch onto and feel aligned with one, the other, or a number of a gathering of ways upon their path, one does not and cannot exist without any part of any of the others!

This is from where we will always draw our greatest power, force, psychic sense and perception, as well as our greatest touches of life, spirit, and of Magick!

Peace and Illumination!

Reverend HP WD Allan

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WD Allan

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