The Real Power in Awakening

The Real Power in Awakening

There’s a reason we awaken, both young and old.

There’s a reason we’re inspired to peel away at the forethought, and the mystery, that are people and the chaotic world, that skews, and alters, and folds.

For when all is said and done, and after all the archaic acts of maleficence attempt to sound asunder who and what we are; we’re left, alone, to rise up again, and to stand, staring, at all we somehow knew was really there before us.

In this, what we know “is” our reality, we craft of, and for ourselves. Thus, then for others as well, because that is our purpose. The sort of world that we know, and always knew, we were really meant for.

The one word, the key, to fit, and unlock it all, is trust. Not as much in any other,….but within, and of ourselves.

The stone truth is, my dear friend, that most things we once were led to know, and most people we once thought were so, we come to know, aren’t quite as they might have once seemed to be.

This, is the just power, to be embraced, in and of, “awakening.”

Rev. WD Allan

© Copyright 2017

WD Allan

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