The Prophesy Of Avalon Has Arrived!

The Prophesy Of Avalon Has Arrived!

The Prophesy of Avalon!

“Journey To Magick!” 

This ALL INCLUSIVE book is the absolute culmination of a project that has seen more than 10 years of hard work! The product of an incredible series of periods of psychic mediumship work, and a very long path in the unveiling of what makes up the very foundation of our path to Magick and the Magick we see in life!

Before we may engage in deep and profound Magick, we must know from where it forms within us! “The Prophesy of Avalon” as in all previous incarnations of the unfolding of the “Prophesy of Avalon”, asks certain sometimes seeking questions, and then hopefully opens wide the gateways of the readers minds in an attempt to release the powerful creative “Magickal” forces of the spirit that adapt and manifest in grand ways!

The Prophesy Of Avalon is the complete collection under one roof! It was designed to impact and be read as a scroll would introduce and foster Magick in the days of old! Volumes 1, 2, and 3 in the same way all work like a progressive vector map with no volume being the first, and no volume the last, yet they all will help to lead you to the core of your soul! From there, the spirit, and Magick, illuminates!

Power and Illumination!

Reverend HP WD Allan


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