The “Like-a-bility Factor!”

The “Like-a-bility Factor!”

handshake“I would rather be among 10 valued souls who are aligned with the tone of mine, than to harbor the company of 1000 or more who haven’t a single clue or a care as to who I am, or to the spectrum of that which serves the calling of my spirit!”

In short: don’t give a thought to the number of those who appear to be standing with you, or who may “LIKE” some page of yours. It’s all a plastic facade, a falsehood, a fantasy. Care only to the value of those who “are” there and are truly aligned with you! This is what fortifies you! Let the rest just simply walk away. They have and will never serve your purpose or your path, and in fact, by choosing to simply walk away from your sphere of being, these souls who depart may in fact be doing you a great service! They are removing the necessity of you having to remove them at some future time anyway, for a potential wrong that is just waiting to be cast against you!

It really is the truth of the matter! When we think about it, there is so much time spent mired in the whole “like-a-bility” factor in this world as if it’s a fixing necessity for everyone to always “Like” us for some reason. It isn’t! There isn’t any power to be gained in any of it, and we all would be better off served by seeking our strength and our sense of power within ourselves instead of constantly grasping for it through the eyes and the minds of others!

If more time were spent facing the fact that as although of course few would intentionally wish for any ill to befall another person who we don’t see as deserving any of the same, that as the chips of life do fall, there really aren’t that many and even fewer in fact who would steam their own concerns over all that many other people unless they would be drawn to do so for a personal reason.

I once had a mentor who tried his best to impart a bit of wisdom into my thick mind, and I think it finally took root. He told me to spend my time now working on self-support, on inner-affirmations, and on building the crystal palace of my own sense of strength and power from within myself and to stop trying to seek it in and through other people any longer!

OTHERS don’t have any real power to place a value upon us, WE DO! Others don’t construct our worth or our purpose, WE DO THIS! Others don’t lay out our path, pay our bills, stomach our errors and reap the benefits of our achievements! WE DO!

Can we share of ourselves? Certainly we can! Can we help others in whom truly need and desire for our help? Of course we can! Does helping others make us a better person or “buy” our way into heaven? Of course not!

Yet, there are far too many who either subconsciously, or intentionally in some irrational way still think they are purchasing their sense of worth here and in the great beyond through gestures of kindness, not that this is a bad thing. Kindness is marvelous and very much needed in our world. It doesn’t value us however! We do what we do because we choose to do so and moving down one path or another, doing or not doing, doesn’t serve to define us outside of ourselves at all. WE DO THIS!

It’s one of the reasons I remain at arms-length regarding the whole “LIKE” valuing that tends to go on in Facebook and on other websites.

When the day arrives that you look at FB and any other public aspect of life and socializing in such a way as to say “who cares what they think” and then to really and truly mean it, is when we begin to build up and place a greater value upon the spirit and soul we hold within!

Then is when outsiders to our own skin and soul boundaries truly will and do lose the capacity to hurt us or to affect us beyond that which we allow them to any longer!

THIS IS a source of real inner power and strength! THIS IS THE REAL POWER TO BE GAINED IN INDIVIDUALISM!

Peace and Illumination!

Reverend HP WD Allan

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WD Allan

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