The Elitist Principle!

The Elitist Principle!

Have you ever reached a point in your life, where you felt like there were few if any in all of your world who could even come close to really relating to you? Well, here’s what perhaps might be a novel thought to ponder. Some of people’s critical viewpoints regarding you might just be rooted in the premise that in some way, or, in many ways in fact; they just might think that you think you’re better than others around you! When the greater truth may in fact be that, you could be thinking you are lesser-than everyone else! Oh no? Well, you might want to reconsider the idea again. The tendency towards any special nature tends to also breed separation! This could be the best thing believe it or not!

Elitism as a foundation!

Look, nobody is saying that there is anything wrong with setting our standards high upon ourselves, and our expectations even higher when we are quite aware and certain that there is something “special” about us. This is the foundation of a pathway to excellence! Excellence however doesn’t always make for a lacking in arrogance, and as we all know, it’s the arrogant soul who is usually the last to be appreciated which is hardly to say, even to be accepted by most in their midst. We all, every single one of us have “special” aspects about ourselves, EVERYONE, NOT JUST YOU, and it’s the awakening ability to recognize and to embrace these personal traits that surpass the visions and the abilities of many others around us. There are some souls who fear looking within for all that they just might discover! Most of this fear is rooted in irrational fiction which is another paper entirely. Suffice for this brief that this is where concepts like talent, ability, and the far-reaching term, “genius” come from, and it’s aside from the flavor and spices of the arrogant that they tend to bring to the table. Nothing says that they aren’t a good set of stones to set in the foundation beneath our feet!

The fact is that we are all set apart from one another in some way and on some level, we all know it! While I personally adhere to the concept of a collective consciousness that permeates all things and all people throughout creation; I also embrace and accept the idea that there are some who choose to embrace and to rise above and to reside on a higher level of vibration to their consciousness than do many others. This isn’t as rare as you might think it is. In fact, it’s more natural than are apple pies and Bibles at an American Baptist cookout! Its ingrained into our very souls, and deep down, we all know it! This is why, we grasp at it continually! We know that it’s the pathway to our own special bit of ascendance!

How we set ourselves to the path on which we choose determines the ways that we see and embrace our own special formula, our own nature, and the ways in which we are perceived by others around us. In some ways, in many ways, we are wise in releasing and letting go of the expectations of others where our own understanding of ourselves is concerned. When we embrace and accept that which others may indeed see as our being “elitist” in our expressions of our own particular specialities; we are also running the risk of being cast-out from many circles! The good part is that this does however open up other avenues through which, we may begin to more freely blossom, and in the end, those who are cast-out, are eventually appreciated for all that they really are!

One wise statement relating to people, personal power, and the perceptions of these in our lives says that it’s the wise person who learns to live within the airs of his own reaches for excellence for this is how we learn to achieve them in the first place!

This is where the term “fake it till you make it” comes from by the way! While this is perceived by others as nothing more than another facet in the elitist realm, what this really means is that as we choose to live within the realm of some form of an elite in terms of our search for awareness and enlightenment; the heightening of our own awareness relating to how we choose to view and perceive our own world should never place others below us! The truly enlightened person knows this! Just simply keep to the course of your own understanding of excellence of mind, body, spirit, and soul, and then let others either choose to seek out their own understanding or to set their feet upon their own path for they will discover it eventually.

There is nothing wrong or ill with seeking the path and the company of an elitist spirit! In fact, it is in such company where you will probably discover a continual path of increasing awareness of all things!

So, how do you keep this in check?

Well, start by asking the questions: “Do I place myself apart from others in the world, and why?” “Do I feel as if I’m not as worthy, as if I’m an outcast, as if I’m weird, or as if I’m special in some way and why?” “Do I treat others as subservient, as lesser beings, as not as intelligent, as smart, or less capable than I, or…., do I think of myself as seeking and keeping company with people, souls, and groups in whom I see something common, something I want for myself, and in whom I see a common spark that is not found elsewhere?”

Is this elitism?

Or, is this seeking an enlightened sense of self?

Peace and Illumination!

Rev. HP WD Allan

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WD Allan

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