Proof To Only Thine-Self

Proof To Only Thine-Self

What confidence do you bear in and of your own nature? Are you confident and enduring in your abilities? Always searching to better yourself in your practice, in your craft, and of the force of your sense of spirit?

Rather important sorts of questions that we all seek in ourselves from time to time. In every facet of life this tends to be true, though in the craft, in and of the community, it tends to be raised in albeit so many ways at times and sometimes for the oddest of reasons. Sometimes by a few rather rudely as a matter of fact.

The brass tacks of it all is simple, regardless of what anyone or to what any “figure” might have you believe.

If you are truly confident in your craft, confident of and sure in your power and strength relating to what it is you do, what it is you seek to do, and to what you continue to strive to make better and strong; then there are some rather plain facts that you might want to review of your functional vocabulary.

Are you confident and sure of yourself in your craft?

Then let it be known, you need to prove NOTHING to NOBODY!

Are you genuine in what it is you do for yourself and when applicable, for others?

Then you need explain NOTHING to NOBODY!

Do you feel as if your motives are clear, of your way, of and in your intents, shining without causal blind to their veil or to the construct and ways of your workings?

Then you need to answer NO CALL, to ANYONE, ANYTIME, ANYWHERE, for ANY REASON.

There are and will always be some who for the virtues of their own suspicious minds, and even possibly indicating the lacking in their own willful sense of self-adherences who will feel as if according to their own self-implied “magnificence”, that they have some distinctive right to question of you, either privately, or pray, publicly. Possibly even to the extent of placing some demand(s) upon you to “prove” in your capabilities, to the force of your spirit, of your alignment(s) in and of your own chosen path in your craft.

Be certain of this above all else!

Your path is “your path”, not anyone else’s. Your deity is yours. Your force of your spirit is yours. Your spell-making, your workings, your ways, and your means are yours; and to this, never be made to feel lesser than, beholden to, or that someone has the right to make you prove of yourself to them, someone who just may be falsely promoting themselves as a greater tester of force, craft, and some idealized postage stamp of a sense of spirit.


You are your own determiner of your own force and fate, and if you are comfortable of yourself in what you do, in what and how you work, and in the alignments of your soul and spirit with the spirits and the deities in whom you ally of yourself, no one has any right to place beckon or want of any proof unto or in you!

By and for any reason!


Rev. WD Allan

© Copyright 2017

WD Allan

All Rights Reserved

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