One of The Most Powerful Forces in All Magick We Can Ever Wield!

One of The Most Powerful Forces in All Magick We Can Ever Wield!

Sometimes one of the most powerful things you can ever say, or respond with, is that message expressed in absolute silence.
Masters in long veiled mystic past ages well knew. The most powerful Magick ever to be wielded and embraced, and also feared above all others…,
is that Magick that is manifested through…,
a single…,
whisper, in anger.

Hatred and rage hardly if ever result in any fortune of resolution. They both usually wield paths nested of vengeance and in the discourse of revenge, which are always the paths of an eventual and an inevitable spirit in revolving despair.

Anger however can be a fluid force. The want to respond to it’s force is due course to our sense of life. Our strength in not acting upon it are the first indications of a greater power that we all hold within. The power and the strength to wield of its power in wiser and more discreet, and yet more resolving ways. Using it to our best benefit is the strength to manifest something incredible, something so much more powerful than anything you have as yet found imaginable within yourself.

There are times when anger can be focused into a power and a strength that can change everything but it can also be a force reckoned of nepalm!

There was a very wise man of Magick and of spirit who once said that it took a great sense of strength to reach inside of ourselves for our solutions, the strength to want to act out but in not, to retort but resisting; and, that it took a greater sense of strength and of spirit in embracing the path of the infinite spirit of the ages in order to stop ourselves first, and allowing ourselves to turn and then to walk away until a better time approaches, when the time was right. “This”, he said, “was the discipline that was necessary for manifesting our true power and strength.” This is the sign of the ability to exert control and the prime mover in all things made real and magnificent, of mind, spirit, physical, and Magickal, rests in that one single word.


It was in his view the indication of the presence of the sort of discipline that would be required of someone, where magnificence was due. A magnificence of life, of spirit, and of course, in Magick.

No great and lasting spark of Magick can ever be expected, or dutifully sought to be, when there is also a lacking in the self-discipline that was necessary to focus our intents.

This, the Master said, was the Tiger that would wield its force in a mindless, instinctive rage in order to meet its ends. For it was the Dragon that understood that as it indeed may have been angry and perhaps “enraged” over some situation; that it was also keen-fully aware that it also harbored a greater power and strength that was to be gained in using its discipline to control its own instinct for rage and hate.

The Dragon knew to wait, to control its own hatred and its rage. The Dragon knew that there would always indeed be a wiser time, a better moment, and a more fruitful situation through which to articulate its own control, and its power and strength; and thus, then to wield its best and its wisest Magick in a response to that which had been.

The greatest and the most powerful of all Magick we may and can ever wield, is that Magick that is focused, through our own self-discipline!

It is from here where we can learn the most about ourselves.

It is from here where we learn the most about the Magick of creation we have the potential to make real.

It is from here where we learn to control our passions, our angers, and our own sense of spirit!

It is in this place, where we learn that, as we do indeed harbor the sparks of an infinite power in creation that may be tempted through rage and hate; that we also are responsible for everything in how, in where, and in why we put what we do out there ahead of us in the first place!

This is the source of the Greatest Magick we have within us!

In Illumination!

Reverend HP WD Allan

© Copyright 2016

WD Allan

All Rights Reserved



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