Of Gods and Crystals

Of Gods and Crystals

Did you ever wonder why every snowflake is different?

Did you ever wonder why every crystal in the universe is never constructed, or formed, or expressed in the same exact way?

Well, just as every snowflake and every ice crystal in the universe is different, the construct of every single soul and its individual alignment is different. Its individual purpose is different. No two are alike. No two are or can possibly be expressed upon precisely the same path in the same way, with the same purpose, or with the same reason for being here.

Have you ever wondered why there are so many varied brands, so many colors and so much diversity in the ways and the followings of the craft? As you ponder of our commonalities in this age of ours, have you also however ever pondered of the infinite divergent individuality that exists to all of “we practitioners” of the world? Have you ever wondered why there are so many brands of psychics, healers, and so many ways and followings to all of the “helpers” among us?

Kick back your mind to the leading quote then for just a moment if you will, and then allow yourself to expand your mind into what all of this really means.

Yeah, a bit “heady” isn’t it?

Just as every snowflake and every crystal is different in creation, just as magnificently beautiful and as powerful each soul expressing itself in this world is different; to and for all of these differences is also required the presence of so many varied brands, colors, and manners of practitioner in one form or another. So many ways to the followings of being a witch, a warlock, the psychic, the medium, of the priest, of the priestess, of so many forms of spiritual followings, for so many religions, and most of all; for so many walks of being that exist for a reason. It’s because there are no two of us who are alike, and nor do we seek out or embrace of our being in exactly the same way. Yes, it’s also why there are so many varied expressions and visions of the Gods to meet these infinite differences of being between us all. No one vision could ever possibly serve the infinite nature to the way of being that truly is, because there is NO ONE WAY OF BEING.

The core meaning behind this can be a little overwhelming to grasp at first when you really allow yourself to grapple with the complexity behind it all. None of it is easy. It was never meant to be easy, but that’s the way that it is.

The universe in all of its grand and infinite complexity, in all of its multi-dimensional reality, also requires and gives divine license to every one of us to be all that we desire. To express all we would and can express. To seek out and to engage all that we would and could manifest of ourselves.

You see, it’s through this infinite form of the diverse nature of our being, that the central beacon of being that started it all, yes, that we all call that of God, the Gods, the Goddess, and more, expresses itself and experiences of itself through all of we and through all of what is.

It’s been said that none of what we all call and perceive of as reality, is in fact real. It’s been postulated that all of this is in fact, a living expression of dream-weaving, an expression of that which, is all how we experience our dreamt-up physicality.


What I can say with all doubtless confidence is that for all of the witches and warlocks, for all of the psychics and mediums, for all of the healers, and for all of the practitioners of the world rendering their services as they do, as WE DO, there are hundreds to thousands out there who seek out each and every one of us, FOR A VERY INDIVIDUAL AND A NECESSARY REASON!

Don’t you ever presume that your being here has no purpose. That YOU have no purpose.

If you’re a practitioner who feels lost along your way, for some reason; then try placing your feet upon an alternate bit of path for a while, and then another, and if necessary another still, until you feel yourself aligned once again!

Or just possibly, aligned for the very first time!

All blessings!

Reverend William Devereaux Allan

© Copyright 2017

William Devereaux Allan

All Rights Reserved


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