How Do You Sense and Define Energy, Ghosts, Spirits?

How Do You Sense and Define Energy, Ghosts, Spirits?

Interestingly enough, Through much of my experience, I’ve never spent too much time trying to define this quality for anyone else. At least in terms according to the definitions others have a tendency to place upon it.

No doubt most likely because I’ve experienced it throughout my entire life and have matriculated and integrated it into my senses. I will say this. Where-so-ever you do sense such fluxes in the shifting of energies in your midst; try not to get too complex and too deep into what it is that you are sensing and perceiving. The first blockade that many tend to engage in that stumbles their pace is that they’re probably thinking too much instead of letting their senses and perceptions speak for themselves.

It’s definitely a gut feeling that is a learned, and sharpened, and processed where trusting in your own senses and perceptions. For me, it’s an instinctual reaction that I either block once I feel it, or I let it through and then let myself interpret what it is I’m sensing right away. I will say that in virtually every case, I tend to sense the energy before I can even choose to block it or not. Energy sensitivity has been one of my key indicators for people, as well as ghosts/spirits, in places and regarding impending events, boding in the futures of all that foretold, and yes, of and from the clients past and present. As with all things involving our perceptions and our senses, I believe that the accuracy in interpretation is directly proportional and responsive to our belief in ourselves and how reliably we choose to trust and assert our trust in our own cognitive processes to decipher that which we are really looking for.

How do you know if you are sensing good positive energy, or perhaps something darker, as some might refer to what I’ve learned to consider as an archaic term: “evil energy?” I align my thinking rather in terms of “malevolence”, “dark entity”, “dark presence”, or “chaotic/aggressive/angry energy.”

However you choose to moniker this term in your own mind, it all comes down to the manner of self-talk in your own mind relating to your own gut instinct. Here, is a quality that thankfully is rather self-exposed to me. In a flash I am and always have been able to sense the presence of good or positive brilliant energy from people and especially involving ghosts and spirits as to that of a dark and aggressive, or malevolent nature. When the presence is of a malevolent nature, especially of dark spirits/entities, it’s a flash perception due to the degree and due to its severity, and the intensity of empathic sensitivity that I trust in my own perceptions. My best suggestion is for you to do the same if you’re attempting to hone in and to tune your own psychic senses to work in a fluid nature with your mind.

I’ve told others in my sphere that one of the most crucial things I consider in my ability to sense and interpret such presences, is the core belief that I carry around with me; where I hold true to the absolute and unquestioning belief that I am ALWAYS protected from dark presences by the protections and the spirits that are always with me and surrounding me. You cannot sway yourself from truly believing in this, after which of course, having worked, placed, and reinforced such protections upon yourself!

Far too many psychics, workers, and practitioners in magick and spirit have belittled this paradigm to their own disheveled selves. We all know cases of this, unfortunately. This absolute understanding and alignment I find works to my benefit because I spend less time worrying about being overly intruded upon by these dark presences and that dark energy, and I find that I’m better able to more freely focus my attention(s) on my interpretation of what it is that I’m sensing, perceiving, and receiving. 

Here is one debatable sticky point for many in the community and I openly acknowledge that not everyone is on board with this train of thought, but as yet, I hold true to its force nonetheless as its always been proven true to and for me. Thus I will not shift in my ways where the following is concerned.

I’ve come to accept and acknowledge that “Fear” can be the ultimate great deceiver in our work. It’s our worst psychic enemy, our greatest opposition in all that we as practitioners will or may attempt to do. It is the doorway to intrusion upon ourselves by that which we might experience as being potentially intrusive, malevolent, be this referred to as dark spirits, dark forces, and/or all forces negative and potentially harmful and the like, it’s a matter of becoming intimately comfortable with our own psychic and empathic senses and perceptions. This is the best way to trust in the core nature of our own spirit’s, for when we intimately understand ourselves and our alignments, when we truly have opened the vaults of our inner understanding of ourselves, and what we would either use to our own benefit, or to our own detriment, these are the things that will truly keep malevolence at bay.

If someone places too much unsure attention to how afraid they are or might feel, of what they are sensing, rather than to that of which, and in what “it” truly is that they are sensing; it can and will with all of my absolute certainty detract from the cognitive process of being able to accurately interpret it, and thus, then placing it upon the shelves of reality in your mind instead of it all just remaining simply, fear.

When we are knowing in and of ourselves, we allow ourselves to understand others. This works for sensing, perceiving, and interpreting all of that, of and throughout the spirit realm as well.


Rev. WD Allan

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WD Allan

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