Facebook, Censorship, and the Potential Upheaval of a Nation

Facebook, Censorship, and the Potential Upheaval of a Nation

“Without freedom of thought, there can be no such thing as wisdom; and no such thing as public liberty without freedom of speech. Freedom of speech is a principal pillar of a free government; when this support is taken away, the constitution of a free society is dissolved, and tyranny is erected on its ruins.” – Benjamin Franklin

One of the chief proponents of social media is its ability to provide people with channels to connect with each other. To give people the ability to touch the thoughts, the minds, the life and the loves, and the difficulties of one another. Social media allows people to seek out their friends and their families as far from each other as they may be, and these social platforms provide them with forums through which they may express, energize, and to grow their own spirits for life and family and the spirit of friendship! When any such a gathering or a community of souls draw together, in any sort of a close proximity, there is of course always the chances for a bit of high-spiritedness of verse and of mind from just about anyone. This especially so when in the thick of such difficult personal and triumphal social periods, the brands and nature of which America currently finds itself. This is the price we must allow for in a free and open society that embraces and has laid its very foundations upon the principle that, ALL people, have the inalienable right to have their say, to have their words read, and spoken of, and to have their thoughts be known!

All my life I was brought up to respect the great power of our freedom of speech. I was taught that without it, the absolute core of our nation, for us all, would stand to be at risk of disintegrating right beneath our feet, as the world has witnessed from other tragic and terrifying examples like NAZI Germany and other such disastrous periods in humankind’s legacy.

This is why I for one have always cherished that “pillar” which we call “freedom of speech” in this great country of ours. Unfortunately, in today’s much divisive climate however there are some social networking forums, or websites if you will, that seem to be choosing the path of silent and sly censorship of many of its members.

My own case of which, I draw into the spotlight for focus of this Blog. I reference a recent posting that I put up onto facebook that related to the recent fervor and the promulgation of violence that the entire world is witnessing in the form of protests to America’s recent Presidential Election.

The posting drew attention to the website “Fusion” and an article there that was entitled: “Racist Trump Supporters Have Wasted No Time Spreading Fear and Violence Across America.” It was a posting that was included as a response to the many in-kind postings that I had seen over and again in as many days that to my conclusion intimated that the violence was predominantly being driven by the “Hillary” camps of voters, when the same in my own mind was obviously untrue.

In the short life-cycle of this posting, which was put up on the early evening of 11/10/2016, I will admit that I used in 2 instances a colorful “F” word in such a way as to express my desire that I felt that “enough was enough” and I appealed for everyone to take time to “Think!” After several people on my “friends list” commented and even mentioned that indeed, both sides were involved in the same sort of acts of violence, I agreed with their thoughts and simply stated that I had engaged in what I called a “Burp Moment” with my own level of angst in an effort to express how outraged I had become at so much of the violence continuing to emerge as we are still now witnessing.

Given the context and the presence of far worse word expression on the part of so many on facebook, I felt my verbiage rather subtle and minor by comparison, so thus, I concluded that it should remain for its impact.

It seems however that facebook had other covert and idealistic plans and schemes in their moderations of some particular politically themed postings, for some time in the late night of 11/10/2016, some facebook administrative moderator came into my personal page, which is locked down by the way to any public viewing of any kind, and said moderator deleted (CENSORED), en-masse, all of people’s comments up to and including my own on the current state of violence rising up!

After some investigation on my part as to why, who, and what, I concluded that someone else must have been involved, in some sort of a childish reporting act, and the result was the absolute, blind, and the blatant censoring of every single word that people had expressed in that thread relating to the current state of events!

I stated that given my frustrations at being censored by some unknowing moderator who in my view, carted along with them what I could only think must have been some sort of a personal grudge to bear against any-one who didn’t agree with he, she, or “they”, I finally expressed the following:

My Message to other friend members on Facebook: “I’m just deleting the entire thread, and now I’m done. It seems that someone thinks that I don’t have a right to express myself? As a result however, I’m going to be watching why someone did this to me and just who it is. I don’t take kindly to being targeted covertly. I’ve done nothing to anyone, not any soul I’ve let in. We all have a right to our opinions, but it seems on facebook, censorship is the play of the day.”

Where and in what nature does any social platform of any kind think that it has the power if not the absolute right to sway, color, delete, form, re-form, and to draw ill-connections to and from the power of the thoughts of their member, of people, where such critical and important matters of politics, and especially of a Presidential Election are concerned?

How much power are we expected to give away? How much force of social engineering of the mind are we expected to allow such a juggernaut platform the likes of a facebook, or of any other for that matter, to hold up high over our heads as they flagrantly choose to approve, to deny, or when they attempt to sway public opinion by attempting to engineer our thoughts, our very words, and our absolutely justifiable comments as these relating to those factors that affect all of our very lives?

Yes, I am concerned. Yes, I am angry! Yes, I am outraged! I am outraged that a social networking website the likes of a facebook, works its own perverse and articulated forms of a modern day Goebbels-ian Nazi Propaganda machine right out of its own line code?

Yes, I acknowledge and understand that Mr. Zuckerberg is Jewish, and that connection is not meant to be cruel, ill mannered, or aggressive. I make no attempts to offend he or his culture. What I do however not accept is what can only be concluded to be a blatant act of social-thought-engineering as it seems is currently taking place on the pages and in the context of facebook’s glorified algorithic surreal world.

A light must be lit into why, and how, and when, and just how far are the branded sorts of individually targeted censorship on facebook, and any other social networking websites going to be allowed any longer?

I for one will always draw my mind back to the founding father’s intents and their thoughts relating to the power of a freedom of speech, and why we must never allow it to be infringed upon, by ANYONE, in ANY capacity, and on ANY social forum. For without the right to an open and free ability of all people to express their thoughts, we become that which we have most reviled in the worst branding of humankind! Whether facebook and its Chief Officer and its staff wish to acknowledge or not, they ARE a direct force and an influence right now in our world upon the passing and the building thoughts that affect everything we hold dear!

As Franklin so wisely said: “Freedom of speech is a principal pillar of a free government; when this support is taken away, the constitution of a free society is dissolved, and tyranny is erected on its ruins.”

Is Mark Zuckerberg really trying to become a force in censorship, and does he truly wish to be seen and known as such a dictatorial, fascist, codifier of deceit in a world of so much difficulty right now?

In Illumination,

Reverend WD Allan

© Copyright 2016

WD Allan

Please distribute as you will, everywhere, with appropriate credit to the author, Rev. HP WD Allan.


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