Dark Magick

Dark Magick

68% of the universe is Dark Energy. Dark Matter makes
up 27%. About 5% of that which remains is what most are comfortable in referring to as: “the matter of perceivable reality.” Think about that, and in what it implies about the creative elementary force and the infinite influence of the Darkness in all that is, what it influences, what it allows into being, and from where things sprang and continue to do so.

Now as to the matter of “Dark Magick” and all that it employs and deploys? Well, as it’s been said: A star is always a star, no matter how large or how small. No matter its form, its color, no matter its elements, no matter its general placement in all the universe. It is marvel manifest and it is uncommanding unto anything else! It is because it commands itself to be so according to the powers that be!

In all the arts of Magick, so much has been made of what form, what color, what deity or deities to whom it all serves. To what is its brand of foundation? From what does it draw of its power and strength? To what moral tone does it command of and from creation’s might? To all of this you could run the philosophical gamut until your mind is literally worn and the moon has witnessed two or three phases.

Yes, Magick “IS” Magick, just as a star is a star, said, told, drawn, and done.

What really matters more than all of this arcane fruit and tone, is stretched to what one does with the bestowal of creations grand might?

Yes, in my writings and telling’s, I do make a point of it myself to describe of my own inclinations in the realm of Magick and of Spirit to describe myself as a “Dark” wielder or dark in the art of Magick and I do so without recuse or resignation. It is you see because long ago I was indoctrinated into the Buddhist and Eastern philosophies of recognizing and paying heed to the balance of things that creation conforms to. As there is light, there is dark. As there is day, there is night. As there is presence of being, there is also altered dimension of understanding.

Yes, there are artists in Magick who hearken to one end of their own spectra where this is concerned and I personally take no exception to what or how another aligns. All that I ask that that others do the same of myself in return. In peace. Others, as we all make a call to what we believe we are woven towards and throughout. Where there is a light, there is a catalyst of dark from and against which it all things sprang. Where there is a spirit walking in the shadows of what is, there is another casting their own against what they see as their own interpretation of the footsteps of the path of awakened illumination.

Dark Magick is just Magick drawn and strewn, woven, and cherished, from deep within the “Veil of Shadows”, instead of just that drawn in an artisan vision being arched from the obsolete idea that ALL of creation, that ALL things worthwhile in our midst, and both of good and soulful in creation, “MUST of course have come from and be held within that seen as “the light.”

Without the creations junction and the forces of the painted “Veil of Shadows”, that predominant veil from and upon which the else-where of all creation sprang to begin with, light and form itself would never have been possible.

Please paint not the term “Dark Magick” as being synonymous to that interpretation akin in the term evil.

Remember, that more of what most consider as being evil in the manner of humankind’s creation came into being in the light of its own pathway, than it ever could be said to be attributed to the pathways of the dark veil of the shadowed silence in and of peace of the night of creations muster.

Darkest Blessings!

William Devereaux Allan


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