Anton Szandor Lavey’s Eleven Rules: A Way of Magic! A Way of Life!

Anton Szandor Lavey’s Eleven Rules: A Way of Magic! A Way of Life!

While some tend to wax eloquent of their own self-righteousness in their own understanding of the ways of magic and of life, there have certainly been those who more humbly recognize the wiser nature of any possessing path of life, belief, and yes of the vast paths of magic. In seeming to project a prepossessing stand of being genuinely powerful and somehow, more ordered as practitioners of what they themselves see as “more genuine paths of magic”, the real brass-tacks of it all really does lean toward a nature of being that both charges ourselves and orders our sparks for the brilliance’s of life for ourselves, not for anybody else. In this way we bequeath of our own power and strength unto ourselves and release those bonds that in any way may have bound us to feel we need to seek the bitter affirmations of anybody else, and right along with it the rather irrational feeling that we need to have to “prove ourselves worthwhile” in some odd and demented way. The truth is that in order “to be all that we can be” as it’s been so well put before; perhaps some common sense rules of living that serve the nature of being at our best for ourselves, and for our own chosen circles, would also serve well upon the path of magic?

To this end, there are many less than brilliant, and fewer more enlightened sources of common sense citations of thought that I’ve found than that offered-up by Magus Dr. Anton Lavey in his citations of his “Eleven Rules for life” (**), as he saw them, and conveyed in his writings that as he saw it, best served himself, his Church, and his own interests.

  1. “Do not give advice or opinions unless you are asked.”

How often have we all had to tolerate the sore belly-aching of those who thought they knew what was better for us all, then they knew and would discover for themselves? Well, the same goes for where and how we do so for ourselves and express towards others. Nobody likes a know-it-all! To the path of life and of the unfolding of the path of magic; playing the all-knowing will not make us any more powerful as people or as practitioners. Nobody knows what’s best for another person. Not in belief, not in any way, not to anywhere, to what, or in how another chooses to live, or in the way they choose to practice their craft.

  1. “Do not tell your troubles to others unless you are sure they want to hear them.”

A piece I recently read by Magus Peter H. Gilmore really struck home to me, for in my mind, there aren’t too many that I’ve seen that rang the bell the way that he did when he discussed the tragic and intolerable modern habits of whining that have become rather common of society nowadays. No longer is life a path of discovery, of work, of revelation, of more work, and then an emerging overall a sense of being responsible for ourselves and for our actions. Oh no, instead of adding in some good old grounded personal trouble-shooting, much of society now has chosen the route of whining, groaning, bitching, and moaning, then to blame someone else, and then somehow, to make them pay for it all. Perhaps a good question to be asking is: just how personally powerful, and how inwardly strengthened is all of this whining and moaning making us as a society? How about, how powerful as individuals? A good suggestion that I was once given by a wise old protestant canon who just happened to also be a good friend was that: “the real source of personal power begins to really set-in when we as individuals realize that we have started to look within for our own sense of core support first, instead of seeking it outside of ourselves from others without even casting a first glimmer of interest into what really happens to us.” When we begin to center ourselves of and in our own inner nature, we then begin to align ourselves and our power and path of magic into something that becomes asserted into the emergence of magic and wonder!

  1. “When in another’s lair, show him respect or else, do not go there.”

When I started on the path as a much younger martial artist now some 30+ years ago, one of the first rules we were taught was a core instruction into the basics of general courtesy regarding entering a dojo (a place of practice), and this meant anyone’s dojo. You took off your shoes. You bowed upon entering. You didn’t use foul language. Most of all, you always showed a respect for the master of the place by way of your own general courtesy, not just in he or she as a knowing teacher, but because this was “their place” and not yours. How much strength of character and how much power do we convey unto creation, unto the universe, and unto the Gods if we should project a sense and spirit of arrogance and a disrespectable brow of ourselves? Very little when we cut to the chase. It conveys a deflating self-image, an action of disreputable chaos to the texture of our own core; and overall, in how we choose to treat others in their own home or their place of magical practice. Our actions can either empower us, or we can in essence disembowel ourselves of our own congruence, of our own trueness in our own respect for creation and nature. One, raises a staff to the stars in respect. The other, relegates us to little more than nothingness, which when sown to ashes, is how you will end up being perceived, and being done.

  1. “If a guest in your lair annoys you, treat him cruelly and without mercy.”

In addition to the third rule; this the fourth, speaks to the amount of and to the degree of tolerance and patience that we in all good sense should show to those who come into our midst, and then in how to treat those with little to no regard of decency or respect for us at all in our own personal space. Not too much has to be said about this one really, furthering that related in the third rule. If someone comes into “your place” and treats you like shit, treat him like the vermin that he in-so-doing has belittled him or herself to be in return. If they speak ill of you, if they berate you, cast bad of you, then be fast with your verbal retribution. If he or she lays a hand upon you, shut them down to the floor, and throw he or she right out the threshold wherever it may be. If you should determine that they truly have always meant you harm or ill, cast them out of your sphere for good. How we respect and convey of this to those who would mean to inflict ill or harm unto ourselves, will serve to directly impact how our lives unfold and to how we really embrace the path of our own own magic, that we claim to so cherish!

  1. “Do not make sexual advances unless you are given the mating signal.”

Come on! Life isn’t a singles bar, and not every home, office, or public place is a hook-up site! One of the terrible tragedies of our modern age are the spanning effects that have emerged from all of this so-called social media of ours. What it has served to erode, is the very thing that it was supposed to enhance. Suddenly what was once known as a sense of courtesy and civil respectability, has now become a vacancy in any scant, simple understanding as to what makes up being truly social, and any basic face-to-face conversation. The road to both written and the spoken word between one another has become now virtually unknown any longer. Remember the old rule of asking for the table-salt to be passed when the family all seats together for dinner? Well, the same goes for advancing ourselves in any sexually expressed manner. If someone isn’t interested in us, let it go. If someone doesn’t like us, let it go. If someone finds us attractive and just might be interested in us in that way, try some basic introduction and conversation first. A little courtesy can work wonders!

  1. “Do not take that which does not belong to you unless it is a burden to the other person and he cries out to be relieved.”

Isn’t it amazing how certain themes keep rising-up like titanic spirits from the depths of creation where the core matters of life, belief, and the path of magic are concerned? Self-respect, common respect, and shown decency in our relations to others and a practice and spirit of humility are of a paramount concern where relating to all matters and observances of the Gods, the Goddesses, of all things God that we yearn to be more attuned to in our magic and on the path of life. Right with this is what seems to be what Magus Lavey recognized as being a central matter to the weaving of ourselves and to our own way of personal conviction toward life. Basically speaking: Leave that alone, which isn’t yours, period! No arguments. No excuses. No bullshit. That means people, places, and things. When and in so doing, you will serve to heighten your own sense of a cherishing for that and those which ‘ARE” yours, and thus; you will enhance and afford of yourself a greater power and strength of your own spirit and magic when associating yourself to those around you!

  1. “Acknowledge the power of magic if you have employed it successfully to obtain your desires. If you deny the power of magic after having called upon it with success, you will lose all you have obtained.”

If you acknowledge, honor, and cherish the power of magic in your life, and for the emerging path of your own ways; then for the Gods sakes, do honor it! Please don’t ever act like you’re the second-coming of some-thing for everyone else, when in truth, most of the craft have yet to prove themselves the first-coming of anything for themselves in the bargain to begin with. Oddly enough, it would serve well to mention that the one figure to have his ring kissed regularly, out of a general respect in another tradition we all know, also does outwardly display himself at the least deserving of such a respect because he is also the first one to fall to his knees and to wash the feet of others in an act of his own spiritual humility. Now, nothing in this says that we should all be out washing feet. What it does convey however is that to honor ourselves as we are, and in working to better ourselves in potential ways magically and spiritually as much as we are able; is usually done so as honoring others in the same way and allowing them to be, and to grow, as they so choose. Yes, we seek. Yes, we learn from one another. Yes, we hold true to our own values and to our own craft and way. Nothing however makes us so self-deified (even though we as ourselves are of a vision of “self-deity” in and of ourselves), that we have the right to degrade others for who and what they choose to be, albeit the mystique of some in their own deluded minds. There are no imitations to any of us, as much as the arrogance of some might think they are so much better than they really are. Some have yet to polish and wax eloquent unto their own perhaps. Some may, as its been said, ‘fake it till they make it”, as frustrating as this may be to the more learned and weathered in the ways of the craft than choice others. But, nothing makes any of us holier than thou! If you think you are. Lose it and polish your lower stones someplace else. Few are really interested in your own self-righteous arrogance. Nothing about this means that a spirit of elitism is a bad thing! In fact, much to the contrary. An elite, a true spirit of “elitism”, is a gathering of like spirits contained within a tight and guarded circle of enlightened minds. These gathered together for one common purpose, in one common and embraced way of being. This isn’t a bad thing. In fact, it’s simply an embracing of a way of being that remains different and separated from most others who are not quite aligned as so. If you acknowledge the power of your own magic, and signal and center its essence in your life and if you keep it so, then what you bring about, will remain. If not? What you attempt, will inevitably be relegated to the dust that just may be your own sense of falsehood for both magic and of your context for your own path.

  1. “Do not complain about anything to which you need not subject yourself.”

Ever remember watching a saloon brawl in one of those old westerns? There are always the cowboys punching and cahoot-ing, beating the hell out of one another. Then at the side of the mix, there can be seen that one soul who in at the sidelines, in the shadows, the one who knows that this is none of his business, and he or she keeps themselves, to themselves, out of it all. As a matter of practicality and good common sense as a matter of fact, there is always a time and a place to be involved when its brought into our sphere and a time when not. One of the things that most nowadays don’t seem to grasp is that the lives of others, the ways in which people choose to live, to “be” as it were, really is absolutely none of any of our business. Today’s world is ripe with the involved, with the feeling that everyone’s life, everyone’s daily workings, that everyone’s private placements are somehow now all public access, when none of it is so. Don’t dissolve the potency of your spirit, your strength, and any part of your magic by diluting your attention to those places and those things where you need not subject yourself.

  1. “Do not harm little children.”

How much more basic and common-sense does life have to get? Yet, unfortunately, this does need to be stated. As it is for your passing’s and your path in daily life with others around you, especially practice the habit of cherishing and seeing to the safety and the absolute well-being of all of the little children that are all around us. I have always held unto one way of thinking about this one. Every child of the world has an inborn absolute right to a safe, a loving, and a rich upbringing in this world regardless of who, what, where, and or how they have entered into it. Not the least to recognize that how any society treats and values its children, speaks volumes to how it values itself.

  1. “Do not kill non-human animals unless you are attacked or for food.”

You know, every year come Samhain time I’m always stricken by the idiocy that are the callous and heartless behaviors that are shown to our black feline friends that are so common to the households of so many of our fellow practitioners. How anyone could be so degraded in their want for a sense of the respect for all things of life, and of a love for all of nature than to bring harm to an innocent creature, powerless, and undeserving of such absolute cruelty that is the blatant image of one aspect of humankind’s worst nature. Such behavior not only serves to diminish a sense of power of spirit, but in so doing, also serves to cast to the winds any sense of power and strength regarding the path of magic or of any sense of respect for life period.

  1. “When walking in open territory, bother no one. If someone bothers you, ask him to stop. If he does not stop, destroy him.”

Hey, let’s face it. We all reach a point in time in our lives when we’ve simply had enough of putting up with the unacceptable behaviors of others, and this not in the least when such behaviors seek to hurt, impact, or to seek to do us direct harm or injury in whatever way. As John Wayne so strongly said in one of his films. “Someone should crack you right in the mouth,… but I won’t…. I won’t….. The HELL I won’t!” As we move about in the world, in open or even in restricted territory, the old school rule of respecting others tells a lot about our alignments with the universe. If someone lives a life of ruminating chaos, hurt, upset, injury, and/or inflicting harm in any way onto others, it says a lot about the actual tone of their own inner-sense of being. Not to mention what their real capabilities are and would really be in terms of their capacities in the realm of the magical, and of the true nature of how they feel about themselves. If you seek out to live a life of power and strength of and for your own spirit for life and the unfolding of a creation of your own life, and if you truly expect to see your visions flourish and flower into reality, perhaps it’s time to be more assertive in your relations with those who would do anything and everything they would to thwart, hurt, to injure you, or to diminish your own way. Yes, I agree with Magus Lavey. Destroy them. Or, as I’d rather choose to express it: “cast them away.” Here I would also agree with Magus Peter H. Gilmore, and his proviso “within reason.” I mean after all, let’s try to remain at least somewhat civil about this.

All Blessings!

Rev. WD Allan

© Copyright 2017

WD Allan

All Rights Reserved

(**)Note: all references relating to the quoted “11 rules” are the sole creation of Magus Anton Lavey, and respectfully in relation to and beholding of the Church of Satan.”


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